Our goal at MARTIN LAW GROUP is to provide quality estate planning services at affordable prices.

Many people delay doing even basic estate planning because they think it might be too expensive. A basic plan prepared by MARTIN LAW GROUP is affordable and will give you and your family peace of mind about your future.

A properly prepared estate plan can address so many needs, which left unattended can result in financial devastation, family discomfort, embarrassment and unease. A revocable living trust is the foundation of most estate planning in California, but a complete estate plan that can be prepared by us also needs to include a pour-over will, durable power of attorneys, advanced health care directives, and other related documents depending on your needs, desires, and specific family situation. Such a plan, when put in place can avoid probate, eliminate or reduce taxes, and provide for the well-being of surviving spouses and children.

By working with our office, you will avoid the significant expense, delay, public disclosure of private financial matters and conflict required by probate in Court which is alone reason to undertake an estate plan. Our techniques will allow you to retain control of your assets and if you become ill those assets will be protected. If you pass, your assets will be distributed as you direct -- such a plan is fast, affordable and can be revised at your discretion at any time in the future.

There are many planning tools and options at your disposal. A consultation to determine if this type of planning is right for you is entirely FREE and can be done in our convenient offices or your home or place of business. Evening and weekend appointments are also available. Additionally, if you like you may choose to attend a FREE seminar which we regularly conduct.



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